Founder Message

Mr. Suresh Heblikar Chairman & Founding Trustee

Today, we can look at the beautiful, clear sky, breathe clean & fresh air and see how clear the waterbodies are…! We are not just looking at the trees, but observing its botanical & anatomical features, because we have enough time. We hear the birds chirping and tweeting throughout the day. There aren’t many vehicles emitting smoke; nor is there any dust or fumes thrown out by industries & factories, polluting the air. People living on the coast say the environmental quality out there is magnificent as there isn’t much activity. Though little, but they are able to catch good, tasty fish; and the beaches are clean, calm and soothing. The rivers flow gently & look divine. The mountains seem so awesome and all this gives us a spiritual feeling about this wonderful planet Earth.

Well, this is currently the beautiful world we can experience, with even big cities across the world lying calm due to the unprecedented lockdown. We are able to experience this wonderful environment today due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And to address this issue governments all over the world have imposed a lockdown which has brought down all economic activities. We are well aware, sensitive and educated world… and to understand the importance of the environment, do we need lessons from such Viruses..? Whatever it is, we have now, hopefully, understood that a cleaner and better environment is the need of the hour…!

Well, at Eco-Watch, we have been doing exactly this - work towards a better environment through forestry programmes, restoring waterbodies, protecting & enriching biodiversity, which is not just essential, but critical for the future of life and mankind on Earth. We have also been sensitizing communities on the importance of environment & ecology by producing short films and documentaries, organizing workshops and seminars on various subjects & topics. Over the last two decades Eco-Watch has also focused on the natural resource management and conservation of the Western Ghats ecosystem & other natural heritage.

We strongly believe that environment is the basis for good health and a strong economy. Greater the thrust on economy, material goods and services, faster the environmental degradation and greater would be the human suffering. Therefore, to sustain a healthy and peaceful life we have to maintain a healthy environment.

Earth is not going to suffer if we destroy the environment; it will recover over a period of time… But it is us, the human race, which will be wiped out sooner than we think. So, please take care of the environment for your sake at least.

Soil, water, forest, air and the biodiversity – are the only true treasure we all have.

We must take care of them and protect them at ant cost.